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Crafting a range of unique Cosmetic Fragrance, Perfume Fragrance, Sanitizer Fragrance, etc.

About Our Company

A good fragrance can uplift our emotions. Captivating scents can transport us to a blissful world, washing away stress and any other negative emotions. This is the reason many people prefer aromatic cosmetics, incenses and home care products. Parfyme Aromatics excels in producing a wide range of pleasant fragrances that is demanded in bulk by manufacturing companies for preparing washing powders, toiletries, bath care products, home care essentials, and more. Our aim as a manufacturer is to introduce various soothing aromas in the form of our Hand Wash Fragrance, Home Cleaner Fragrance, Incense Stick Fragrance, Lotion Fragrance, Soap Fragrance, etc., and make a mark in the fragrance market of India.

Our Team

We recruit exclusively those professionals as a part of our team who know the nuances of fragrance manufacturing. With their support, we come up with unique scents, which are produced with care and then rigorously tested on a variety of quality and efficacy parameters at our in-house laboratory. These experts utilize their talent to create accurately composed and natural scents that are a blend of carefully combined notes. Once produced and quality tested, they make sure the range is packed and sealed well in tamper-proof and leak-proof bottles.

Why Choose Us?

We deal in concentrated fragrances under the popular Parfyme Aromatics brand name. All these fragrances are free of harmful toxins and suitable for use in producing a wide selection of safe to use aromatic products. Our premium fragrances can be used to craft scented agarbattis, high end perfumes and even delicate skin care lotions and shampoos. Besides a range that is heavily demanded by many manufacturing businesses, we are also known for the following:

  • We stock many unique fragrances, with both classic and contemporary aromas offered under our collection.
  • We deeply care for our loyal customers and always give them best deals on Hand Wash Fragrance, Soap Fragrance, Home Cleaner Fragrance, Lotion Fragrance and Incense Stick Fragrance.
  • Not only are our prices fair and reasonable but we also process orders quickly so that we deliver goods on time.
  • Whether an order is small or big, we adopt an impartial attitude and always focus on delivering excellent service and prompt assistance to all our customers.
  • We can craft personalized scents too on special orders.